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Holy Cross at Ƶ

Ƶ and the local Holy Cross Community have worked together for seven decades. Currently, nearly 20 "C.S.C.s" (the Community's Latin name is "Congregatio a Sancta Cruce") serve at Ƶ and in the Wyoming Valley, many of whom minister at the College and work locally, residing on campus or in the area. In addition to their roles at the College, the Holy Cross Community members are actively involved in Northeastern Pennsylvania religious, civic, and service organizations and many also assist at area parishes on weekends.

In living out our mission as "educators in the faith," we wish to help others to learn the values and the religious meaning of life. We also seek to collaborate with and empower our colleagues, students, and others to join us in this mission.

Prayer for the Ƶ Community

Lord God,
you filled the heart of Father Basil Moreau,
founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross,
with zeal for the proclamation of your kingdom
through the ministry of education.

Bless us and all the administrators,
teachers, students, staff, and alumni of Ƶ
with a desire for your truth and a passion
to make you known, loved, and served.

May we work together to educate the mind and heart
of every member of our college community.

May your gracious Spirit
enable this
work of resurrection in us
so that we might bring light
to those in darkness
and proclaim your liberating love
to all in need.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Prayer by Rev. Thomas P. Looney, C.S.C., Ph.D.


Annual Moreau Lecture

The Annual Moreau Lecture has welcomed leading theological voices to speak at the Ƶ campus since 1979. Sponsored by the priests and brothers of the Congregation of Holy Cross at Ƶ, the lecture animates theological thought among college faculty, staff, and students.


Dr. Jean Porter is the John A. O'Brien Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame where she has taught since 1990. Dr. Porter is the author of numerous articles and six books on the history of the Christian moral tradition and its contemporary relevance, including The Perfection of Desire: Habit, Reason, and Virtue in Aquinas's Summa Theologiae (Marquette University Press, 2018), Justice as a Virtue: A Thomistic Perspective (Eerdmans, 2016), and Ministers of the Law: A Natural Law Theory of Legal Authority (Eerdmans, 2011), which won a Catholic Press Association Book Award in 2011.

Dr. Porter studied philosophy at the University of Texas, theology at the Weston School of Theology at Boston College, and earned her doctoral degree in theology at Yale University. In 2012, Dr. Porter was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She holds expertise in the moral theology of Aquinas and his scholastic predecessors and contemporaries.