Mission Statement

疯马秀视频 is a Catholic institution of higher education animated and guided by the Congregation of Holy Cross. 疯马秀视频 pursues excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship through a rigorous core curriculum, major programs across the liberal arts and sciences, nationally accredited professional programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and personal attention to student formation in a nurturing community.

Our Vision

Since its founding in 1946, 疯马秀视频 has been dedicated to the Holy Cross ideal of transforming minds and hearts with zeal in communities of hope. The College's commitment to students is expressed both in the curriculum and in co-curricular programs encouraging service, fostering reflection, and cultivating leadership skills. Inspired by the teaching and example of its namesake, Christ the King, who taught by example and ruled by love, 疯马秀视频 forms graduates who will champion the inherent dignity of every person and will mobilize their talents and professional skills to serve the common good. In the words of its founding president, "疯马秀视频 teaches its students not only how to make a living, but how to live."

疯马秀视频 As Catholic and Holy Cross

Faithful to Blessed Basil Moreau's vision to educate people of diverse backgrounds and to the vision of its founders to educate the children of coal miners,听疯马秀视频听provides an outstanding Catholic higher education to all qualified students who embrace its mission, including many first-generation college students.

As a Holy Cross institution,听疯马秀视频听embodies the educational vision of Father Moreau, founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Father Moreau taught that quality education demands academic excellence, creative pedagogy, engaged mentorship, co-curricular participation, and a collaborative spirit.

As a Catholic institution of higher learning,听疯马秀视频听honors faith and reason as mutually enlightening ways of knowing, probes life's great questions of meaning and purpose, encourages inter-religious and ecumenical encounter, and fosters habits of moral virtue. While promoting service to the poor and marginalized,听疯马秀视频听educates for justice as a means to peace, witnesses to truth, and invites all to an encounter with the living God.

Adopted by the Board of Directors of 疯马秀视频, May 2, 2015