Advanced Placement Course Transferability

Students matriculating to King鈥檚 College who have successfully completed Advanced Placement (AP) courses and have achieved qualifying scores on the AP examinations are eligible for advanced placement as determined by their level of achievement and in accordance with established institutional guidelines. View the AP Scoring Criteria here.

International Baccalaureate Program

King鈥檚 College recognizes the level of academic achievement represented by the successful completion of coursework in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Students must present scores of 4, 5, 6, or 7 in higher-level subjects in order to qualify for credit in specific courses. Students presenting the IB Diploma will be reviewed on an individual basis for possible credit for standard level subjects with a score of 5 or higher. Credit for each exam may range from 3-8 credits depending on the score and level of the examination. Credit will appear as transfer credit on the student鈥檚 official transcript. A maximum of 30 semester hours of alternative credit (AP, CLEP, IB) will be counted toward graduation.

Transfer Students and Transfer Credits

Graduates or students enrolled in other colleges or universities who are applying for admission to King鈥檚 College must request that transcripts be forwarded to the Office of Admission from their secondary school and from each college previously attended. Transfer credits from these institutions must be evaluated and awarded prior to matriculation at King鈥檚 College. All documents submitted become the property of King鈥檚 College and cannot be returned or copied.

Credit is accepted in transfer for those courses in which the student has received the equivalent of a 鈥淐鈥 grade or better, and the course is applicable to the student鈥檚 degree program at King鈥檚. The grades secured at another college or university are not included in either the general average or the qualitative average for the student鈥檚 work at King鈥檚.

The College accepts a maximum of sixty (60) semester hours of transfer credit, and these credits are cited on the King鈥檚 transcript of record. The various academic departments determine the acceptability of transfer courses outside the Core curriculum that belong to their respective disciplines. The Registrar, under the direction of the departments, will make day-to-day decisions based on the known preference students must meet the following residency requirement at King鈥檚:

  • For bachelor鈥檚 degree, at least sixty (60) semester credit hours of academic credit and at least 50% of the courses and credits required in the designated major program
  • The Registrar, in consultation with the Associate Vice President for Academic Success, will determine the acceptability of transfer courses in the Core curriculum, including free electives.