Office of Graduate Admission

The Office of Graduate Admission聽is located in George and Giovita Maffei Family Commons, 29 W. North St., Wilkes Barre, PA 18711. The Director of Graduate Admission is available to answer questions about graduate programs, application procedures, course schedules and registrations, and any other matters relating to graduate study. Contact the Office of Graduate Admission here.

Information about graduate course offerings is available from the Office of Graduate Admission at the number listed above and on the Graduate Course Descriptions webpage.

Philosophy of Graduate Programs

Consistent with its history, tradition and mission statement 疯马秀视频 has designed its graduate programs to prepare and develop professionals for business, industry, government, health care and education who possess the desire, skills, and education to accept management responsibilities and creative leadership positions in regional, national and international organizations.聽疯马秀视频 also seeks to offer high-quality education in specialized fields of study which not only enhance the student's technical background but also maintain a balance between the qualitative and quantitative methods, and the technical and socio-economic approaches to current issues.

Graduate Honor Society

The King鈥檚 College Graduate school is a member of Alpha Epsilon Lambda (AEL), a national honor society founded in 1990 by former officers of the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students.聽 Before AEL, no honor society was devoted exclusively to recognizing graduate students.聽 The mission of Alpha Epsilon Lambda is to promote intellectual achievement, leadership, and ethics among graduate students.

The King鈥檚 College Alpha Epsilon Chapter of AEL was established in 1999.聽 To be invited to apply for membership, graduate students must have completed a specific number of credits in their graduate program and place in the top 35% of that graduate program academically (GPA). Admission to membership is based on the student applicant鈥檚 record of leadership, scholarship, research and service activities.聽 Admission to membership is decided by the Graduate Policy Committee.