The tuition charge for each of our Graduate programs could be different.听 View current graduate tuition rates here. Note that current 疯马秀视频 Alumni receive a 10% discount on tuition.

Please refer to this page for information on tuition and fees for the Physician Assistant program.听


Scholarship for the Physician Assistant Program

The Eleanor Babonis Physician Assistant Scholarship established by alumni, family and friends of Eleanor Babonis upon her retirement as the Program Director of the Physician Assistant Program. Intended to aid a first year professional phase student as he/she embarks on the didactic portion of Physician Assistant training. Additional information on these scholarships is available from the office of Financial Aid.


Application Fee

The online application is free. Applicants to the Physician Assistant program apply through CASPA.

Graduation Fee

Graduation fee is $202. There is no discount for former 疯马秀视频 graduates.

General College Fee

The fee for full-time physician assistant majors is $2,060 for the professional program.

Method of Payment

Tuition and fees are due and payable in full prior to and as a condition for registration.

Students preferring to pay semester charges in monthly installments must have payment arrangements completed prior to registration. Financial arrangements may be made with the Business Office, and can be reached at 570-208-5830.

Students with a verified tuition-reimbursement benefit from their employers may defer payment of the portion of their tuition covered by the benefit until after the end of the semester, after grades are released. For a copy of the benefit-verification form or for more information about policies concerning tuition-reimbursement benefits, contact the Graduate Division at 570-208-5991.

American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover credit cards may also be used for payment.

A satisfactory settlement of all college accounts is required before grades are released, or degrees conferred. Likewise, no request will be honored for transcripts of record, recommendations, or other information concerning academic records unless a student's account has been settled in full.

The College reserves the right, in those instances where a student is deemed to be in serious violation of College policy, to initiate cancellation of the student's registration. If such cancellation occurs after the semester begins, tuition charges will be adjusted accordingly, and a grade of "AW" (Administrative Withdrawal) will be entered on the student's transcript.


If a student drops a course, withdraws from a course, or withdraws from the College before the dates below, he or she will receive a tuition refund according to this schedule:

Withdrawal from 15-Week Sessions
Through the first week of the semester
Through the second and third weeks of the semester
Through the fourth and fifth weeks of the semester
Through the sixth and seventh weeks of the semester
No refund is made after seven weeks

Withdrawal from 7-Week Sessions
Before the second week
Before the third week
Before the fourth week
Before the fifth week
No refund is made after the fifth week


The College endeavors to treat all students fairly and consistently in all cases of refunds. Individual circumstances, however, may warrant exceptions. In these cases, the student should write to the vice president for business affairs detailing the reasons why special consideration should be given.

Financial Aid

疯马秀视频 seeks to ensure that no student accepted for admission is unable to matriculate for financial reasons. Although payment is the responsibility of the student, the College makes every effort consistent with financial resources available to assist students with adequate support.

Applicants for financial aid are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). . 疯马秀视频 School Code is 003282.

Federal Direct Stafford Loans are available to graduate students who are fully accepted into a graduate degree program or graduate certificate program and who enroll in at least six credits per semester or session. Graduate students can borrow up to $20,500 unsubsidized Direct Stafford Loans every two semesters. Using the Federal Graduate Plus Direct Loan, graduate students are also eligible to borrow up to the cost of attendance, after Stafford Loans are deducted.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office for additional information on Federal Direct Stafford Loans, Federal Direct Plus Loans for Graduate Students, or Private Alternative Loans.