Thank you for your interest in King鈥檚 College's graduate programs. A graduate degree from King鈥檚 is a respected credential that solidifies an individual鈥檚 place in a competitive, 21st century workforce. Currently, King鈥檚 offers graduate degree programs that prepare and develop professionals for careers in business, government, health care, and education. King鈥檚 fosters academic excellence in these programs through the state-of-the-art learning environments it provides for its students.

Community is important at 疯马秀视频 because each student鈥檚 success depends upon an environment that is as nurturing as it is enriching. King鈥檚 College professors get to know their students on a deep level to understand how they learn and to provide engaged mentorship both in and out of the classroom. They share collaboratively their business expertise in private, public, and philanthropic endeavors. Each student is assigned an academic advisor from their specific major program area to assist in course planning and assist in guiding them to a fulfilling career. The marketing brochures below include an outline of the courses required to complete the program, the admission counselor contact information and details about the program. For more information, please We look forward to assisting you to become a King鈥檚 College graduate student.

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