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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between CCR and CV?

CR is the premiere performance choir on campus that performs two concerts each year and sings at various events on and off campus. CCR covers a mixture of sacred, secular, classical, and modern pieces, including both jazz and modern hits, and rehearses two to three times a week for 90 minutes.

CV is a non-audition choral ensemble that serves as the college's chapel choir, and sings every Sunday during the academic year at the 8 p.m. Mass. In addition, CV sings at other liturgical celebrations such as memorial Masses, Taizé Prayer, and many other services. The ensemble sings repertoire from chant to contemporary church music and rehearses weekly for approximately 75 minutes.

Is CCR a religious based choir?

No. CCR is the performance ensemble at Ƶ and sings a wide variety of music both sacred and secular including pop music, jazz, as well as songs considered part of the standard choral repertoire. There are a number of pieces that are sacred in nature, including several Gospel pieces that we learned as part of our partnership with the St. Bernadine's Gospel Choir in Baltimore, Maryland.

Does my major impact my ability to participate in CCR?

Most students can participate in CCR for all four years. Some majors such as physician assistant and the 3+2 engineering program only allow students to participate for three years, as these programs gradually become more intense and time consuming.

How does my major impact my ability to participate in CV?

Students can participate in this ensemble for their entire time at Ƶ, as this ensemble is less time consuming than CCR. This ensemble rehearses and sings only on Sundays, and therefore does not conflict with the course load of certain majors, such as physician assistant. As such, Christian Voices is a good way to continue to sing and make music, even more time intensive degree programs.

Can I be in multiple ensembles at one time?

Yes! Students can be in more than one ensemble if they meet the requirements of each group.

What is the audition process for CCR?

The audition consists of singing a song of your choice, "Happy Birthday," and a warm-up to ensure proper vocal placement. Students interested in auditioning for CCR should sign-up at the beginning of each academic year for an audition time.

Can I re-audition if I do not make it into CCR?

Yes! Because we cannot take everyone into CCR each year, we encourage all students to reaudition the following year if they were not chosen to join CCR. Auditions occur once a year in the early Fall and occasionally at the start of the Spring semester if needed.

How often is rehearsal for CCR?

Rehearsal is approximately 90 minutes twice a week. Occasionally rehearsals will be added if there is a special performance, or as we get closer to concert time.

How often does CV rehearse?

CV rehearses once each week on Sundays for approximately 75 minutes prior to the 8 p.m. Mass.

Do you need to be able to read music to join CCR or CV?

No, you do not, but being able to read music makes rehearsals easier for you. Not being able to read music will not affect your audition for CCR, as we base our decisions on your singing ability.

What are my options at Ƶ as an instrumentalist?

While there is no formal instrumental ensemble, students who play an instrument can play for one of the weekly Sunday masses, play with CCR in one of their concerts, and participate in the pit orchestra for the annual musical in conjunction with the Theatre department.

Do I have to have any prior experience to cantor at mass?

No. All new cantors are given training to prepare them for the Ministry of Cantor.

What types of performances do the ensembles do?

CCR performs two concerts each year. They also sing for various college events such as the Silver Century Club Christmas Party and the President's Dinner. CV sings weekly at the 8 p.m. Sunday Mass as well as special prayer services throughout the year.

All ensembles sing for our large college events such as the Convocation Mass, which is the opening Mass for the school year, and our Baccalaureate Mass which is our Graduation Mass. To make these celebrations the best we can, both ensembles perform together.

Can I participate in choir while participating in other campus or work activities?

Yes, as long as you manage your time effectively, you should be able to participate in choir while also participating in other activities.